The Health Benefits of Walking

Introduction Walking is a low impact and low intensity cardiovascular activity, although brisk walking can be a high intensity workout. The health benefits of high intensity activities (such as running) are well known and include: a reduction in blood pressure, heart disease risk and living longer1. Does walking, whether slowly or briskly, offer the same [...]

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Exercise is Effective at Treating Depression and Acute Anxiety

Most people have experienced something called a “runner’s high.” It is the euphoric feeling after engaging in a physical activity, such as running, caused by a release of endorphins and other chemicals in the brain. What many people may not know is that regularly engaging in physical activity could help regulate long-term mood, not just [...]

Caffeine Supplementation Can Improve Strength Gains

Caffeine is one of the most widely consumed supplements due to its availability, safety and energy stimulating effects. Caffeine is also popular in the weight lifting world and has been a known performance enhancer for decades. Until recently, caffeine was even listed as a banned supplement by the Olympic Committee (1). While caffeine has been [...]

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