Lean Muscle Diet For Females – Nutrition Strategies To Get Ripped Fast

Nutrition Is The Key To Achieving Your Dream Body I often feel like nutrition is one of the most misunderstood concepts when it comes to fitness. When people hear the word “diet” they automatically think “restrict” and associate the word with feelings of dislike, and uneasiness. This is one of the reasons that I personally [...]

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Does Vinegar Help with Weight Loss?

Introduction Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits. In a previous article I discussed the role that apple cider vinegar can play in diabetes management. Apple cider vinegar may also help with weight loss. Although there are not many studies on this topic, scientists believe they know the mechanism through which vinegar can help with [...]

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6 Ways To Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

Introduction It’s finally happened. You’ve been training and dieting for some time now and making progress, but now, all of a sudden, the scale isn’t budging. What happened? You’ve hit a plateau. Our bodies are very good at adapting to change. It’s one of the reasons that we are able to survive stressful conditions on [...]

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Can Drinking Water Raise Your Metabolism and Lead to Weight Loss?

Introduction Can drinking water play a role in weight loss? I previously discussed the role that water can have in reducing appetite when drank before or during a meal. Can water also play a role in raising the body’s metabolism thus helping burn more calories at rest? Most studies in overweight and normal weight subjects [...]

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Can Apple Cider Vinegar Control Blood Sugar in Diabetics?

Introduction The use of vinegar for medicinal purposes goes back over 10,000 years ago to ancient Greece (1). The famous Greek philosopher Hippocrates advised using vinegar to help clean ulcerations and sores. As time went on vinegar has proven to be just as beneficial, if not more so, than previously thought. The health benefits of [...]

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What Are Glucose Disposal Agents And How Do They Work? Prevent Carbs From Getting You Fat.

Introduction When it comes to getting lean while dieting or trying to stay lean while building muscle, manipulating your carbohydrate intake usually plays a major role in your success. Unless you are part of the 1% of the population with exceptional genetics, odds are you will have to pay attention to your carbohydrate intake to [...]

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7 Tips On How To Control Hunger Cravings

Introduction We’ve all had them. That rumbling we get in our stomach that triggers euphoric thoughts of eating something delicious. This is definitely not uncommon especially if you are currently dieting and in a calorie restricted state. Sometimes these cravings can be so overwhelming that they affect our clarity and our mood. If we give [...]

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